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indicators show that if the lions win the election, mitt romney. the san francisco giants wind, obama is favored. we also look at the redskins record, and they will be playing the carolina panthers in the final game, and the redskins are slightly favored. and if they win, the incumbent is likely to win. just so you have that. now, onto our election panel. in today's abc -- excuse me come in tuesday's abc news "washington post" poll, romney and obama were separated by seven hundredths of 1%. i don't think i've ever seen anything that close. we're going to turn to michael first to talk about what he sees the election at this point and then hendry will take a look at ohio, the state we're all watching most closely. and, finally, norval look at the senate, compared with and house races. michael, let's begin. >> thank you very much, karlyn, and this is been an exciting election season here. i think we all pretty much agreed we have something of a sea change or significant change in this election after the tour will -- the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney. it seemed to tran
obamacare, last week in the first presidential debate, mitt romney talked about obamacare as well. there are certainly plenty of parts of it that he seems to embrace. is it necessary to repeal the whole thing? don't you lose a lot you have to put back in place? >> i'll start with obamacare in its entirety. it's going to add $1.7 trillion to the cost of government over the next ten years. it creates 158 new agencies and programs. creates independent -- advisory board which is going tell wharf they can do and what kind of services they can get and those things are wrong. now, the part i would extend -- my whole platform would be -- i call it tip. we need tort reform because malpractice insurance is some of the biggest costses for private practice, health care private practice. we need to interstate competition. we need portability. you got be able to take one plan with you. and we need to protect the preexisting conditions. >> congressman, let me ask you to react. >> the two points he just brought up are already in obamacare. there's a pilot project on tort reform. the opportunity t
they have planned. >> i was reminded how much it has benefited governor romney to have participated in the debates and forums in the primaries. he comes across at somebody is who is comfortable in the tee bite format. the president hasn't done it for now years and there's no question that worked to governor romney's benefit. >> it's an interesting observation. leads to my next question which is, in this campaign what do you think has had more impact can debates or campaign advertising? as you know going into the campaign seen a year ago, everybody was talking about money going to be poured into advertising and what kind of impact that could have, hough it could influence the outcome, and there was an escalating spending war going on. do the debates have more of an impact? maybe a little too early to tell. >> depends who you're talking about. if you live in about a dozen states, those ads are killing you. maybe eight states. there's so many of them it's all you see when you turn on the television. we get a little bit of it here in washington because we're next door to virginia, and m
governor romney said on the first debate. >> look, i don't have an issue with it. first of all what governor romney essentially is talking about, this is just to clarify, and i'm not going to evade your question, he's saying if china wants to trade we need a level playing field. there isn't a level playing field. t ultimately it is bad for everybody because at some point americans will stop investing in china. and he says he is going to lay on tariffs. so he is saying if you guys want to play this game, we can hurt you just as much as you think you can hurt us. now what will it do to the strategic balance out there which is your question? my guess is that the chinese will push as far as they can as long as there is no pushback. my best example of that is chinese behavior in the last few years in the south china sea where they kept pushing and bullying and to some extent they still are but when the administration, and i give hillary clinton a heck of a lot of credit for this, when she basically got up at the asean conference and made it clear this was going a little too far they back
issues. as for the one child policy, vice president biden's, i'd -- governor romney, sometime go on china, which i would say 99% about the threats that china posed, it was unbalanced but the only specific area i remember on human rights he emphasized was the one child program, which struck me as a curious, particular violation to single out among the many problems, perhaps reflecting a political agenda. >> you get my final question. a few days after our presidential election here in the united states, china will be transitioning to a new leadership. the new generation of leaders will guide china probably through the next decade. if given a second term to how does president obama see the opportunities in the transition? what measures with the president propose to take the new heads of state relationship? >> well, president obama reached out to hu jintao right after president obama was elected. and right after he took office. he's met with hu jintao more than any previous president had met with a counterpart. they have met something upwards of a dozen times. many phone calls. i'm sure that
bite social safety net concern. at what's interesting is in recent weeks as the romney campaign has been able to close the gap despite this data showing that women are less likely to believe that programs create a culture of dependency and despite the data showing that women can more about health care as an issue. women like men are most likely to say that the economy matters in their decision, so it appears that the romney campaign and this is on how the economy is affecting women, namely that there more women in poverty under the obama administration, and the recession has hit women hard in terms of job loss. this message may be making traction among women voters. when it comes to catholics, there are several points to emphasize. while catholics overall are more supportive of obama in this day, it's large function of obama's overwhelming popularity of latino men and women. and i don't include this on the table, but there is a gender gap among the 10 catholics. the two men are less likely to support obama and women but generally speaking the vast majority of latino men are supporti
ahead in the polls. however, if you aggregated the contest that co, among catholic voters romney won the catholic vote. there were ten states where there was polling done and in eight of those, romney won gingrich and santorum one of the primary. what this is we already saw the data on kerry is that being catholic no longer matters for the catholic voter in term of the candidate. it mattered with jjk. it hasn't mattered since. the fact there are two vice presidential candidates here that are catholic, i don't think that it polls the catholic vote in either direction. i think democratic catholic are very comfortable voting for joe biden and republicans are comfortable voting for paul ryan. now tracking here with multiple sources including many pew surveys looking at registered voters this is among registered voters all the way back to a year ago, if you average over the whole trend, the president has a lead 48 percent to 45% and currently it's at 50% versus 45 percent among registered voters. you can see here just brief periods of time when romney was basically won the nomination, he
, if we win a majority, we'll hold majority in the house. if we win majority in the senate and mitt romney is next president and paul ryan is the next vice president we will move quickly on an agenda to stablize these tax rates. i tell you by the time mitt romney is up for re-election i think by then we'll see recovery and see unemployment drop at least point and a half. >> what is the acceptable rate? what would you consider to be the acceptable rate of unemployment? king: when i was in iowa senate we had 2% unemployment rate. we call that full employment economy. i would keep trying to drive the unemployment rate down as far as i could. i would never accept that everybody would be working until everybody is working. >> what would you put the number nationally? king: i think we would be very comfortable if we get the number down to 4%. i say in that zone, but i would never let up. >> miss vilsack, your response. vilsack: we have gridlock in congress and congressman king hasn't done of much for 10 years in congress and we need he needs to be held responsible for that. we feed farm bill. th
coverage with issues or performance of candidates. >> host: start with the media. mitt romney 47% and barack obama guns and religion. >> this morning i just ran 47%. how many media outlets? dozen last one day wore one week or one month? guns was relatively short. three weeks. mitt romney 47% we have not seen the end of it. it is about one month. the stories drop-off but they are drug backend by opponents or events. i am sure coming out of the presidential debate they will wonder if he will respond to that. at issue which gaf we need to pay attention to. represent a character flaw or the incapacity to act? or just normal things? >> if they are hanging out in the public with the internet, youtube distributed more broadly and quickly is the hour cable -- archival capability we can see what barack obama said 1998. were mitt romney by the way not one bit of coverage of 47% in may. there was a fund-raising event but nobody pulled the story in may. not until the video popped up that came back into the process. >> host: what politicians have made mistakes in the past better fatal? >> wor
republicans. this is a title but it's a lot of attention and thanks to mitt romney and paul ryan and got a lot of attention they literally rush to google after watching the convention and what's the matter with white people. so i want to think sam. [applause] but, you know, a lot of the commentary focused on the nostalgia republicans seem to feel for the golden age. as i describe in my title, and we can say that that is racism or sexism and some of it no doubt is. but i think it's important for us as progressives, those of us here that are progressive i hope we have some republicans, too. i think it's important to think about the golden age was and that there was a golden age for some americans and it coincided with my growing up. i felt like i was the last generation of people to whom the country really kept its promises. although with mitt romney and paul ryan got elected they would break the promise is since just under 55. we will have a chance to break promises to feel like it will be great. but, the golden age when we think about it it really was the result of the great depression and wor
on less money. it has split the money in the private sector. if romney gets elected, that's a debate showhouse. so the how high do taxes go? if romney gets elected, the debate will be how low can they keep taxes. how can we reform the tax system? how do we go to a flat tax or flattener taxes so that we end up with one or two rates. we end up with fewer deductions, fewer exemptions, put that into a lower rate. i think governor romney is absolutely right that you don't list all of this now. you couldn't possibly know what all of those are now. you couldn't possibly negotiate peer but the difference in direction will be germanic. in one case the direction will be, how do we increase revenues to the government? in the other case the direction will be, how do we have the steep revenues where they are and see if we can't reduce them a little and then where do we find reductions in spending? that's a very, very exciting period of time to go through. that's what i went through when i worked for president reagan as associate attorney general. president reagan as he notes, even with the democr
that deserve to be pay-per-view events. last week's debate between governor romney and the president, you enjoyed that one. tonight's debate between paul ryan and the vice president joe biden should be a lot of fun. and ann versus will be goldberger. i have to say that would be extremely 1-sided in every definition because you wouldn't even hear will be. they would have to be out every response like they did last night on of you. that would be unfair. the entertainment factor aside what welle -- what ann is is truly courageous. willing to use her amazing satirical wit to highlight the most important issues of our day. describes herself as a polemicist who likes to stir the pot and does not pretend to be impartial balance as are broadcasters do. airbag ground has prepared her well. she is a lawyer who graduated with honors from cornell university and graduated university of michigan law school, syndicated columnist, author of eight new york times bestsellers which confirms that they're the only ones who haven't read their books. and demagoguery from -- "mugged: racial demagoguery from the
up key states, it says here that backed by a ramp-up in tv ad purchases, mitt romney will spend much of the final two weeks of the campaign presenting himself as a bipartisan bridge builder, aides said, while president barack obama tries the persuade -- to persuade voters to this remine rival is painting a veneer over conservative policy positions. that's "the wall street journal". and then this morning "the washington post" says this: candidates adopt new roles for the final stretch. on a day of high energy rallies, president obama's campaign also announced grand last minute gesture to rebut criticism that obama has no agenda for a second term. his campaign's plans to mail to 3.5 million copies of what it calls the blueprint for america's future. >> host: that's from "the washington post" this morning. and then also in "the new york times" in the morning on the election 2012 section, this is what they have to say. mr. obama's schedule and the tenor of his campaign appearances made clear that his primary mission now was to energize his own supporters and get them to vote, preferably
i couldn't quite tell practically if there romney people wanted to just be out front so they were getting down there quickly, or if they felt that there guy wasn't doing all that well and they wanted to come and search for an alternative narrative very quickly. so that was an interesting thing. being here in the hall was very interesting watching those obama zingers come one after the other. it's going to be interesting to see how those play a very aggressive performance by the president. the question whether it will seem a little too aggressive, the republicans are already charging he didn't seem presidential than some of those moments. on the flip side, as you were saying, there was some concerns that we are seeing on the right already about what romney is aggressive enough. did he try to hard to look presidential and show some bipartisan spirit and agree with the president but not in that making his own foreign policy perhaps he should have. >> i love the calculation of calibration. how to out the debate in the head to think about how aggressive july look, how aggressive do mys
security campaign advisers to president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. speaking for the president is michele flournoy who served as his defense undersecretary for policy. and romney adviser dov zakheim who was defense undersecretary and chief financial officer under president george w. bush. they recently spoke at a conference of the military reporters and editors' association. this is about an hour. >> okay. good evening, everyone, and welcome to the military reporters and editors' annual conference. my name's ellen, i'm with the madill school of journalism which is cosponsoring tonight's event. we're delighted to have the opportunity to partner with mre because our goals are very similar. the medill national security journalism initiative aims to educate young journalists and professional working veteran journalists to better improve coverage of national security issues. much the same goals as the military reporters and editors' conference. and, um, we've got a great program tonight, so i think we should get to it. i will turn the stage over to brian bender who
governor romney and the president, you enjoyed that one. that one was the awesome. [applause] tonight's debate between congressman paul ryan and vice president joe biden, that should be a lot of fun. and i would have to say this ann coulter versus whoopi goldberg. i do have to say that was an extremely one-sided in every definition of the term because they would have to bleep out every response just like they did on the view so that would be unfair. what ann is really one word, courageous, truly courageous. [applause] she is willing to use her amazing satirical way to highlight the most important issues of our day. and go describes herself as a polemicist who like sister the pot and does not pretend to be impartial or balanced as our broadcasters do. that is a perfect way to describe it and she is a lawyer. she graduated with honors from cornell university and she is also graduate of the university of michigan loft school and syndicated columnist, author of eight "new york times" bestsellers which once again confirms the ladies of the view are the only ones who have not read her book.
with campaign coverage. let's are at the media. mitt romney 47% and barack obama, cling to guns and religion. what was the media coverage like on those two events? >> guest: this morning i just ran the 47% and asked two questions. one is, how much depth as they get? how many media outlets cover the story and was the shelflife? still asked a day, week or month? the guns was relatively sure. maybe a three week. romney 47% we still haven't seen it and obviously, but it's been about a month now. now the stories drop off, but they get dragged back in either by opponents or dragged in by events. i'm sure that as they come to the presidential debate, someone will say i wonder if he's going to respond to that. i wonder if obama will a him a question about that. because the issue is in my mind which of these gaffes are ones we had to pay attention to. do they represent a true character flaw? to be represented in capacity to act the way would like to have them not clark's religious normal things and we'll make mistakes. so a candidate hanging out in the public and now with the internet and youtube and
to names being discussed in the republican circle as omb dirt in the romney administration. although they will come it's unclear if nasa would return to omb. maybe he can clarify that for us. a little bit about the ground rules. this is about you and your question, so were going to get right to them. it's your opportunity to ask whatever questions you want of a man who's really an expert on the budget process and the current situation. i'm here to facilitate things. i think i have an easier time of it than the moderators at the presidential debate had, but we'll see. when the interrupt you -- sorry. so, i'd like everybody now, if you have questions, we have people stationed with microphones around the room. so just give an indication in the dtp before that, it will exercise the moderator's privilege to ask the opening question. and that i can't resist just going straight to top a, which is the sequester, the fiscal cliff, the great deal of uncertainty. president obama said at the sequester that it will not happen. but at the same time can be certain to veto legislation that's not to
-existing conditions. you know, health care is a big deal, but whether -- is governor romney becomes president we will have romney care or obamacare because we need to solve this problem, and we need to solve it immediately. it is a collaborative effort between private, public, state, local government, and the federal government. >>moderater: senator hatch de. hatch: anything but affordable. 85 percent of the american people have insurance, and we are getting along quite fine. so discombobulated the whole country at a cost over two and a half trillion dollars with all kinds of regulation, all kinds of federal government intrusion. frankly, we in the state of utah did better by ourselves. we did not need the federal government to tell us what or how to do. and frankly, we have one of the best of care systems in the country. we for one of the first states outside of massachusetts to have an exchange. our exchange will not be acceptable to obamacare both, but i have to tell you this, obamacare will lead to destruction. there is no way that is not going to eat us alive. there is no way that we should
is his birthday? >> halloween. thank you last night i saw the romney and paul ryan. >> night before even. [laughter] >> you did it with that? what happened to your wrist? >> q. did a better summary than i could give. >> i read demonic one year-ago. >> i get him on twitter. >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> if you don't mind. >> it is so hard to summarize the book right after you have written it. i read your review. you hit the main points. >> i like the book. >> it is in if one? >> you nailed it. you nailed it. >> it is so nice to meet you. >> i work with him at the firm. >> thank you. [laughter] >> is this for you? my handwriting is a much better when i am looking. [laughter] hello. >> where did i meet you before? >> it irritate foundation foundation -- inherited a foundation. >> i really want to two move on from the blacks and hispanics that is where they're supposed to be with the republican party. >> fdr through kennedy. >> fdr was very sneaky. >> nice to see again. >> i wanted to kiss it. i love her. the producer had not read the book. once i got there it was lucky that they co
first rather than the political party. that is what i have done in the legislature when mitt romney is the governor i voted with him 54% of the time and i would against him 46% of the time and when each vote cannot i said what is best for the people in my district and best for the people in the state? in washington we have a group of people on both sides, 100% of the time with the leadership that is the congressman has done over 16 years. 99% of the time with the leadership and i do think that, again, on both sides putting the country first. and i want to assure the people in this district that when the votes come up i'm going to say to myself what is best for the people than the district and what is best for the country and that is the criteria that i will use when issues come before me. >> moderator: mr. tierney? tierney: to say it's a responsible bill yes they are in the right wing extremism. [applause] i gave you an opportunity to say that we would keep out of the super packs and the 51c4 just like with eisel the debate could elizabeth warren on the different levels i agreed to
playing out in your view? governor romney's advantage or not? >> when you say this day three of the biggest population come to talk about florida, texas, california. i keep thinking if we want immigration done, some of them have to bite the bullet and move to ohio and get thick winter coats and just make the sacrifice for the cause. the southwest eighth you just mentioned were so very important. such a crucial part of president obama -- candidate obama formula for winning. they are all a lot tighter this year than they were four years ago as well. and i think it's no coincidence that so many of those states, including florida and nevada, arizona, the southwest states have been so hard hit economically, some of the states that have been hit the hardest by the foreclosure crisis. so the economic situation, and hispanics who have been disproportionately acted by the economic downturn is having an effect on this. i'll also tell you, the issue is playing out here is that romney has a lot more money than john mccain did. barack obama was able to spend john mccain three to one, four
into the various areas around the world. and i think the governor romney clearly from the other night does not want foreign policy to be much of an issue. he went after president bush had plenty of opportunities and he chose not to do so. he has the knowledge and demeanor to be commander in chief and i think that governor romney wants the campaign to be about the economy. he brought it back to the economy and brought it back to barack obama's record. that is where they want to be. the president is looking at the mess around the world and doesn't want to talk about it. he wants to talk about getting bin laden. as a result, i think foreign policy has taken very much of a backseat. as we all know, the most important issue the president has to deal with, print and the president have an impact on economy? yes. can have an impact on fiscal situation? yes or in any significant way. but he is the sole player by and large on national security issues, and i don't think that we have a particularly good idea from this campaign of the differences between the two candidates as to their vision for america around
sides it takes place between the government. >> host: what is your enthusiasm level for mitt romney? >> i think he will be a very good president. i think he gets it and is moving forward. >> you mentioned in new book coming out? >> three down manifesto. -- freedom manifesto. >> host: also co-written with steve forbes? >> guest: is just a little card. >> we want to show you the current book how capitalism
both hope and think he will. with governor romney that's the question and i don't have the answer. his position on the currency manipulator at 12:01 on january 20th gives me pause about his intentions and ability to do so. the obama approach the last ten years has featured for fundamental foundations. number one how welcoming china's rise as a successful and strong country. number two, ensuring that would be consistent with international law and international norms that means organizations like the world trade organization, the international monetary fund, the u.n. convention of the sea, the universal declaration of human rights. number three, ensuring that china's rise enhances the regional stability, and what we have done pursuant to that is we have developed partnerships and alliances throughout the pacific region vigorously from day one. there's no time to get into all of those but relations with korea and japan and australia i would argue have been brought to a new level, and last the economic issues have risen to a much greater place in the u.s.-china relationship than before, en
gets going. whether the great untold stories not obama vs romney but obama vs. karl rove. he has been behind the scenes the whole time. he has put together over $1 billion to be spent in the last two months. you will not see it in york but in the battleground states. he is keen of the super pac. when you put together his money with mitt romney and the rnc and total of 1.8 billion dollars. in perspective mccain had 375 million. this is a factor of five. it will start to come out now. what does he do? how does the operate? what does he do? i talked to a couple of sources they say there is the dark and terrible beauty about what he does. another source told me the caa could learn a lot from karl rove. the way he has deniability with all of the operations he is very visible with 70 percent name recognition. up there with just 10 bieber. but go back over history with the things starting to unfold he has deniability one mobile after another. the story became interesting because most people thought karl rove was finished in 2008 when the bush presidency came to an end. he was forced out 2007
know about some of our other live coverage coming up today, at 1:10 p.m. mitt romney campaigning in ames, iowa, with a speech from his campaign is saying mitt romney would use the speech today to quote help crystallize the differences between each candidates economic approach. we will have that live for you at 1:10 p.m. on c-span at 2:00, the funeral service for the late senator george mcgovern. we'll have that live from sioux falls, south dakota. and begin back at george washington university, a law school for a on the dodd-frank law kicking off the morning just a short while ago with the dean of the law school setting up the discussion for the day. >> i'm the dean of the law school, as art said, and i want to welcome you to this conference and, obviously, welcome mary schapiro, the chairman of the u.s. securities and exchange commission. so, one of the things that i think makes this law school, george washington university law school, distinctive and different from other top law schools is the degree to which we are integrated into the real world of law and policy practice in t
the affordable care act, how is it different from the same amount in the ryan budget? subform that romney proposes to keep those funds in medicare and reform medicare. an important point and let me answer what needs to be done with medicare. even though republicans were so aware of how delicate it can be to touch medicare, if you are over 55 nothing changes but to keep this program around for folks younger than 55, the other way we have got to go is which is is what the ryan plan is, give seniors options. >> moderator: you support governor romney's proposal for vouchers and what you call options for -- walsh: i've never heard any other word than voucher for the romney ryan plan. is called premium support and what we currently do with medicare part d which we give seniors options and it's important to note even for people younger than 55 in the republican plan if you want to keep traditional medicare you can. you are either going to ration or you are going to give seniors options. ms. duckworth and president obama want to ration care. duckworth: it's simply not true. he voted three times f
versus romney, it is obama versus carl rove. and he is in a behind-the-scenes the whole time, and he has put together over $1 billion that will be spent in these last two months. we in new york, here you won't see much of it. it will be spent in the battleground states. and his -- he has become king of the super pacs. when you put together his money with the money that romney has raised and the republican national committee, it's a total of about 1.8 billion. to put that in perspective, in 2008 mccain had 375 million spend. you're going to read see it coming out now. the other thing, i want to fuss about. who is the really. what does he do? he is a political operatives. what does he really due to lack i talked to a couple of sources about that. a dark and terrible beauty about what he does. i had another source, a former cia agent named larry johnson who tell me that the ca could learn an awful lot from carl rove. end of the way he has deniability and all these operations he does. he is both very, very visible. the 70 percent name recognition in the united states up there with just a bee
coverage here on c-span2. later can we join republican presidential nominee mitt romney and his running mate, congressman paul ryan for a campaign rally in colorado. see it live starting at 9:05 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> it's time now for our lightning round. we're going to ask questions that can questions that can only be answered with the words yes or no by the candidates. we'll ask both candidates to refrain from explanations or maybe anything except a yes or no. >> senator, would you like or going to be starting with you, forgive me. would like to be if elected senate majority leader? >> would i like to be senate majority leader? sure. [laughter] >> senator? >> yes. spent in islam, have you fire a gun or rifle within the last year? >> yes. >> senator? >> no. >> is andrew cuomo the best new york governor in your lifetime? >> no. >> senator? >> i'm going to say his term is not finished but his father was. [laughter] >> very good. ms. long, have you read and "fifty shades of grey"? [laughter] >> no. >> me neither for the record. [laughter] >> ms. long -- >> this month lea
university from boca raton florida. tonight president obama and candidate mitt romney meet in their final debate. we're looking at the media filing center also known as the spin room you see reporters from all over the world. we are just about three and a half hours over so away from the debate. live coverage gets underway at 7:00 on c-span. let's take a look and listen to the sites there in boca raton. [inaudible conversations] some of the media presence in boca raton florida to win university. we would like you to engage with us tonight from the boca raton with our preview starting in just about an hour and a half at 7:00 eastern. at - cbs news chief washington correspondent >> when i watch c-span i watch for congressional hearings and sometimes those pieces of legislation but more importantly about the house of representatives in the proceedings and speeches. on this congressional hearing subject matters like the appropriations but if you're reading something in the newspaper and get the idea that you want to get the readers to c-span and actually the reason is to get the rall informat
make sure that we have this position in research funding. even mitt romney said he will modify the research funding something by fivefold. >> moderator: ann marie buerkle, what is your priority to create jobs in the next five years? buekle: unemployment remains high throughout the last 40 months. you know, jfk, reagan, and bush come you could not raise taxes and tax breaks help the economy. that is very important to do that. they voted in 2000 had to extend all of those. what we have done is repealed affordable care act. we know that here in the sticks are, therefore will correct is going to challenge small medical device producers, it is going to hurt the economy. so i voted to appeal the affordable care act. we voted for bipartisan support. it is really going to aid upstate new york and increasing number of experts from my district. >> moderator: we have time for rebuttal. dan maffei, do you regret your vote on that? maffei: i think the recovery act is absolutely essential. first of all, there were lots of tax cuts for small businesses and individual families that were absolu
they are doing in a campaign. >> let's start with campaign coverage. let's start with immediate. mitt romney, 47% and barack obama cling to guns and religion. what was the media coverage like on that? >> this morning i ran the 47% and i asked questions. one is how much depth they get and how many media outlets covered the story and then what was the shelflife? does at last a day, week or month? the guns was relatively short. we talked about it a lot and rummy of course the 47% we still haven't heard the end of that obviously that in about a month, the stories drop off but they get dragged back and either by opponents or they get dragged in by a fence. i'm sure that as we come out of the presidential debate someone will say well i wonder if you are going to respond to that and i wonder if obama is going to ask a question about that. the issue is in my mind which of these gaffes are ones that we have to pay attention to. do they represent a true character flaw? do they represent an incapacity to ask in a way we would like to have them ask or are they just normal things? we all make mistakes. the c
in the areas that they don't do well, meaning romney is horrible on civil liberties, and obama is horrible when it comes to dollars and cents. >> as a libertarian now, is it a little tougher to get media attention away from the two-party system, and epsz as the campaign -- especially as the campaign goes on this fall? >> well, speaking for myself, personally, actually, there's been a 30% pick up in attention given, making the switch, so, no, i think just the opposite, that it has picked up, and i'm believing thatñhr when people ce to recognize that there are going to be three candidates on the ballot in all 50 states, me being one of the three, that that's going to go a long way in garnering just a little bit of who is that person along with ron paul's campaign coming to an end, and by his own admission. he says it's coming to an end. i think that ron paul supporters would not be compromising the
advisers to president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney debate defense policy. then we'll turn to health care as congressional staffers discuss what to expect in 2013. and later, the heritage foundation hosts a discussion examining china's incoming government. >> you're watching c-span2 with politics and public affairs. weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights, watch key public policy events and every weekend the latest nonfiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedules at our web site, and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >> also today the u.s. institute of peace hosts a discussion on society's role
cain. and what happened, obama got elected this time. i'm not taking any chances. i'm voting for romney because i'm sorry, i can relate to the third party supporters now, but let's get realistic here. a third party vote, most of them are conservative. let's face it. a third party vote is a vote for obama so you better vote for romney. >> i started off voting for obama and was going to be voting for obama, but after watching this debate i feel like there was more common sense in the first 30 minutes of this debate and there has been the entire main street fiasco. so i would be voting for the independent. i will support kerry johnson. >> i'm between kerry johnson and jill steinberg of the choice to choose rocky then i would probably choose rocky because i like his template that i didn't understand or know him until this debate. >> people that are voting for the third party candidates are just taking away a vote from either democrat or republican. and they're just wasting their time doing it because it will be one of the two in office. >> i've learned more and i've heard -- more of my questions have
is good hold for a well. you don't show up in office, if governor romney wins, he gets 100 days or whatever to do something new. and he's posted it right away. he's not supposed to say i'm going to think about for a while. i get back to you in july. is supposed to act right away. china is the exact opposite. you don't come into office even if you're convinced, denouncing them. you're just making trouble. so the day care is the first party. that's when things change in 2002. it's when the southern was ratified formally in 1992. the first party plenum will be in october or november of 2013. it is not going to bring massive reforms that are already being implemented. that's not the chinese way. it's going to give us a sense of the direction of the new government. whether they say something like, you know, the previous government responded so well to the financial crisis, but there are these things it got a little carried away and we need to fix them. and an example, some state firms should go bankrupt. that would be assigned to you just have to say that you don't have to do anythin
to read a few quotes, most notably president obama and governor romney and the most recent of the first presidential debate on october 3rd. governor romney, every free economy as good regulation. the same time regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act had a number of provisions of unintended consequences harmful to the economy. it's kind of reasonable and small banks. i would repeal and replace it. president obama: the reason for such an economic crisis has prompted by reckless behavior on wall street, but he answered it risk. we stepped in and had the toughest reforms on wall street since an 18 piece is that the question is, does anybody out there think we're too much oversight and regulation of wall street? senator warner of virginia, who subalterns crafting, congress never get to write when you look at massive reform legislation the first time through. he directionally had in the area and come back two or three years hence to the corrections legislation. secretary of the treasury, tim geithner and "wall street journal," strong defense of the dodd-frank act, asking to remember
media spends more time on what michael jackson had, you know, then what happens with mitt romney. comment. >> that's good. first of all, i'm delighted that you are an avid abc news watcher. that's a good start. listen, people have asked me about where the news is heading and what is happening. it is changing. going back to your cronkite book, to see how much it changed well what it -- walter cronkite was there. it will continue to change and evolve. i continue to watch abc news. not as much as i used to, but i continue to watch it, and there is always material that i think is just great. also things that are different. but one of the points that i really want people to take away from this book, something that i learned at abc news, if you want more substantive news, international news, more play, whatever it is you want more of, you hold it within your power to influence that because no matter who the journalist is, no matter what the news organization is, they all reacts to the audience. they do care. whenever they say, they care whether you're paying attention, and there are gr
do -- it is pretty politically neutral. they only measure anne romney measure americans how much time you spend in their leisure activities and with your kids. parents spend more time with their children now than they did in the 60's and 70's. don't ask me how. i think -- >> host: but there are still a pretty sure the data supports this point more save 1-year-old kids in day care today than there were say 50 years ago. and i'm wondering how one could argue for that the defense. >> guest: i don't know the data shows. i don't think there is anything wrong with children being in day care or having baby sitters. that seems not necessarily like a good thing or bad thing to me to be like if you have involved parents and your child stays in day care for say nine to five it seems like a natural thing to me. if you have a decent -- it depends on the day care. like if you have -- my children go to preschool and it's like a lovely preschool with a lot of teachers and they are there until noon or 2:00 and then it's like these things are not necessarily bad or necessarily good. >> host: it's just
and drunk? this is not a phenomena. you've noticed. >> guest: what do we have to expect from mitt romney, all the handsome sons wouldn't produce good spawn? >> host: they might, but -- >> guest: it's a sense of entitlement. >> host: exactly. >> guest: people ask me, are men inherently inflexible? no. you know men who are flexible, have been flexible. why are in the men in the books couch potatoes? look at the moment in history, and there is a little bit of rigidness, and if men would need things, that would be fine, that would be better to admit they need things, and in terms of, like, the third generation spawn of the rich people, because when much is handed to you, it's difficult to be flexible and helpful. >> host: exactly! exactly it. >> guest: right. >> host: what do you do about men? by the way, when men collapse, it hurts women and really hurts children for sure. >> guest: right. >> host: it's not a small thing, and you are not gloating over the end of the men, although it's the title of the book, you're not, it's bad for society. what do you do? >> guest: hope men adapt flexibili
romney? all those handsome sons are not going to produce any could spawn? >> they might. they absolutely might, but the trend line is negative, as you know. >> because it is a sense of entitlement. how we serve this devastation. people ask me, and nearly inflexible. well, no. you know lots of men who are flexible. they have been flexible. why are all the men in your book such cut potatoes? you look at this moment in history, and they're is a little bit of region this. menem would need things, that would be fine. at the debt would be better to me admit that anything. terms of the generation spot average people, because when much is handed to you it is difficult to be flexible. >> host: exactly. that is exactly. so what do you do? because, by the way, when in collapse it hurts women and it really hurts children for sure. so this is not a small thing in another you are not gloating over the end of man. i don't think that you are. it's that good. what do you do? >> you hope that men adapt some flexibility and do certain kinds of jobs that they have formally not found to be macho enough. >> h
woman -- hilary rosen said of anne romney that she's never worked a day in her life because she is a stay at home mom. as the home mom and any mom knows well work much harder to stay at those babies than it is to go to work. i will tell you that. it's very tough to be a stay at home mom. how about democratic chairmen, the chairman of the democrats' committee in south carolina. he's on the left, just a profound region little come and dick compared governor niki haley to ease the deal because the sixth eva braun. did you hear any one country that has paid all? know. ricky by the way suffered disproportionately as all conservative women do by the ridiculous character assaults, attack, attack when she was running for governor she was constantly accused of having an adulterous affair. there was not a single scintilla of evidence to back that up and in fact mckee said if you bring up one piece of evidence and out of this race yet nobody can bring up anything and yet the liberal media insist on putting that and every single article for about the entire campaign to her character to
those who have waited most notably president obama and governor romney october 3rd. romney. every three economy has good regulation at the same time it can be excessive. the dodd/frank has a number prohibitions with unintended consequences that are harmful for the economy and killing regional small banks five would repeal and replace it. >> president obama it is because of reckless behavior on wall street putting mean street address we had to step and nfl since the 1930's so the question think we have to much oversight? senator warner of virginia, congress never gets it rice with massive reform legislation the first time through. you head out then you come back to do it correctly. secretary of treasury tim geithner. >> with strong defense of the dodd/frank act. remember the financial crisis of 2008 you read of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on lobbyist to repeal financial reform. they're not perfect but in place would have limited the financial crisis. basel iii capital and -- requirements and burdens were intended for our big banks would effectively put community banks
in the vice presidential debates and subsequently again romney versus obama? >> i don't think science has ever played a large role in election outcome and for me that's unfortunate. do i think al gore would have been a better president? no. you know someone who routinely exaggerate science offends me as a scientist. because that is not what scientists were supposed to do. his movie inconvenient truth regularly took information and would stretch it to a point of well okay, it's still scientifically somewhat accurate but you are really stretching it here and he did that over and over and over again. his 20-foot rise in sea level is assuming that the greenland ice sheet melts and no one knows if that's going to happen or not. there was actually a lot of melting this past summer even on the art that. actually didn't have much i said all this past summer so this is the problem but it's not useful to exaggerate a problem which is what he regularly did. when you are caught exaggerating a problem, you lose credibility and the science loses credibility so no i don't think al gore would have been a bett
the individual and government. as for his unilateral. >> what is your enthusiasm level from the romney as a candidate? >> well, i think he is going to be a very good president. i think he gets it and i think he's moving forward and i think he is saying the things we need to hear. >> you mention a new book coming out. what was the title of that? >> the new book is freedom manifesto: why free markets are moral and the government gazette. >> that's another book by you and steve forbes? >> yes, it is feared >> you thatcher back over there. push it above all elizabeth ames fishes that. "how capitalism will save us." and here is the new book by elizabeth ames and freedom for us. >> why free markets are moral and big government isn't. >> why isn't the government moral? >> because the government makes decisions and transactions based on political agendas, based on its selfish political interests. it's really about meeting at own political selfish needs. free markets are meeting the real-world needs of people. >> well, someone who follows economics and former financial journalist and somebody
if obama win, if romney win, who would be secretary of defense, how this would -- it's not the same, there's a little bit of factional stuff going on, but it really matters who the people are, personnel or policy basically. is it completely off the radar screen? does it matter at all in chinese politics? >> i can talk a little bit about that. i mean, one of the things we are, we are definitely seeing at least the party's at least stating that they're trying to make themselves more institutionalized, more bureaucratic and their responsibilities shifting from a personality-based system to one that's more bureaucratic, institutionalized, professional. and so at least in terms of what's being said, the argument personalities should matter less. now, whether or not -- we all know that it's nice to say those things. whether or not that's the reality, i don't know. but from the perspective of party guidance to the military, party guidance to its own cadres, the idea that the purpose of the party is to essentially help china move into a certain national development level and the way we're going to
in office. if governor romney wins, he gets 100 days or whatever to do something new. and he is supposed to do it right away. he is not supposed to say i will think about it for a while. i will get back to you in july. he is supposed to act right away. china is exact opposite. you don't come into office even if you're convinced the previous government was wrong in everything, to denounce them. you make it difficult for yourself. the date is the first party plenum. that was in 2002. when it was ratified formally in 1992 first party plenum will be in october and november of 2013. it will not bring massive reforms that are already being implemented. that is not the chinese way. it will give us a sense of the direction of the new government. whether they say something lying, you know, the previous government responded so well to the financial crisis but there are these things that got a little carried away and we really need to fix them and and example. some state firms should go bankrupt, that would be a sign. just have to say it. don't have to do anything. that would be a big step. if we g
become. two weeks from today he will be former president and mitt romney will be the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] we can do better than this. we do not have to settle for this. we don't have to settle 23 million americans looking for work or 11.8% unemployment in nevada. or the underwater mortgages. . .
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